Affiliate Terms & Conditions

Rather than make it overly complex, I'll make it very simple:

How it Works

If someone clicks your affiliate link and lands anywhere on my website and buys, you will get 40% of the revenue from that sale. When someone visits my website via an affiliate link, a 'cookie' is saved on the visitor's computer to track affiliate referrals.

40% Payout

Includes all current and future products; and multiple purchases.

365 Day Cookie Duration

If someone buys anything within 365 days of visiting my website, you'll still get a commission. This gives enough time for my automated email marketing to try to sell to them. If however they buy after the cookie has expired (i.e. after 365 days), no commission would be made.

$100 Minimum Payment Threshold

Payments will be made to you as an affiliate only when your balance reaches $100 USD.

90 Day Lead Time

This means no commission is payable until 90 days has passed since the sale was made. This ensures no chance of paying you a premature commission and the customer then asking for a refund.

Note: these terms could change at any time.

I hope this clarifies everything. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

Best wishes,


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