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Product Sourcing


A directory of suppliers, where each supplier has trust points. Don’t trust the trust points though.


Another directory of suppliers, with ‘gold’ supplier statuses and reviews. Reviews can be faked..

Global Sources

A more trusted source of suppliers. Global Sources’ suppliers can be officially verified, where Global Sources visits their factories - although watch for collusion.

Hong Kong Companies Register

Search for companies in that area, and if they’re real, you can see whether they’re officially registered. If a prospective supplier doesn’t show, be cautious of fraud!

Websites & eCommerce Selling

Web Hoster

My #1 Recommended Web Hosting Provider:


Use for web hosting, domain names, customised email addresses, SSL certificates, WHOIS privacy, and more. Having used many web hosting providers, I switched to this provider because everything is easier and cheaper, and you don't get anything extra with any other company, so why pay more?

A beginner-friendly website builder and content management system to allow people to build their own websites easily & at little cost. WordPress can easily be installed with GoDaddy. Note: is different but better than the limited!


My recommended eCommerce solution, especially for sole traders and small businesses. WooCommerce is a FREE & easy WordPress plugin that allows sellers to sell on their own websites.


An eCommerce plugin enabling eCommercepreneurs to take payments.


An eCommerce selling platform, although plagued by fees and competition.


An eCommerce selling platform that’s taking over the world.


Royalty and copyright-free images are very useful for all websites. Pixabay is a great place for finding images for your website without having to worry about copyright infringement.


As one of the best sources of free images with no copyright issues, Unsplash has some of the best images available although they may need compressing due to their large file sizes.


Pexels is another website for getting copyright-free images with no attribution as a requirement - for both personal and commercial purposes.

Tiny PNG

When you need to compress images for your website for SEO purposes, Tiny PNG is a useful tool that does this without any hassle and is free.

A useful tool usually for developers, allows you to draw up a mockup website in a web browser before building a website and can be saved as a URL.


A handy tool that allows you to quickly fiddle with some HTML, CSS & JavaScript code - probably best for developers.


Use Gimp - a free alternative to Adobe Photoshop - to manipulate images for your website.


Download copyright-free videos for your website from Coverr and display them in the background.

Marketing & Lead Generation

Get Response

My recommended email marketing provider. You can access the best features and not have to pay extra for them, including tagging, automations, autofunnels, creating squeeze pages, etc.


A very useful free SEO tool that ranks the page and domain authority of websites.


One of the best SEO tools only for the best websites. SEMrush allows you to see what your competitors are doing, finds keyword search volumes and helps choose the right keywords to target. This tool is also great for analysing your website's top keywords, backlinks, bugs and general health.

Google UTM URL Builder

A great tool for creating marketing-friendly URLs that append information to the end of a URL to allow easy tracking for marketing campaigns.

Facebook Advertising

Use Facebook ads to target mega specific characteristics of your prospects. Facebook has revolutionised advertising as it’s easier to target specific prospects that are more likely to buy.

YouTube Advertising

YouTube ads are very cheap: compare a $2 cost per click vs a $0.04 cost per view. Costs may be rising, but the affordability makes it much easier to find a winning ad to scale up.

Google Advertising

Advertising on Google may be more expensive, but you can access a ton of prospects. If you have an expensive product, then Google ads becomes more affordable.

Product Creation Tools & Resources

Product Barcoding

A cheap place to buy authentic UPC/EAN barcodes for your products. Particularly necessary if you want to sell on Amazon, create a new product or become a supplier. All Amazon products require barcodes, eBay promotes you if you use them and you can put barcodes on product packaging to make them scannable during checkout in physical shops; a requirement for supplying to many shops.

Public Domain

Copyright-free content that’s free and legal to resell. Find content and sell it, or enhance your products with it. I included games, cartoons and music with the gaming consoles I used to sell, which increased the value of my products against competitors.

Idea Generation Tools & Resources

Related Words

If you're struggling for name ideas, Related Words is an insightful tool that lets you enter a word and it will generate a list of related words - a very useful tool!

Photography Tools & Resources

Photography Cheat Sheet

My own guide typically for eCommerce sellers who want to improve their product photography and avoid buying expensive unnecessary tools like cameras if they don't need to.


For Images


Positions and stabilises the camera. Consider buying a phone mount if using a cameraphone.

For Videos


Records better sound. Use one that either mounts above a camera, is standalone or clips on to a shirt. Consider buying an extension cable to ensure it's long enough!


Stabilises footage while moving a camera or cameraphone, producing smoother footage.



Ideal for optimising sounds: remove background noise, increase the clarity, adjust the bass, etc.


If using a cameraphone, its in-built camera app might not allow you to adjust fundamental settings like the ISO, white balance, frame rate, resolution, etc. Download a professional app that allows you to take control.


eBaying Tools & Resources

Pro eBay Template

The professional version of my own eBay template for the very best sellers who want to increase sales over time.

eBay Tutorials

Watch my quick videos to learn how to create the highest converting listings and pick up unique tips to sell more on eBay.

I hope these help you!

Here are some very useful tools I've come across or built myself that may help you develop your business and consolidate its longevity. Some of them have been very handy to me and in various areas other than web development, such as branding and marketing.

I only list resources that I've personally used or believe would be beneficial to my followers, and doing so really helps monetise this site and is much appreciated. Please don't buy them unless you would benefit from them.

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